Focus on your artistic profile

You will receive a proposal for a tailor-made mobility scheme based on your unique artistic profile and RESONO project concept. This assures your needs for artistic growth are met on an individual level to get the most out of your experiences & time with RESONO.

Travel to expand your music

The programme allows you to live and study in three different European cities during your interdisciplinary journey. Three institutions will guide you, on your way while sharing the charm, cultural life & network of Antwerp, Porto and Vilnius.

Boost your career aspirations

RESONO targets learning outcomes relevant to the professional music and performance world. Through a practical approach, RESONO students will be able to apply their skills in a professional context. You are the next generation of artists, creators and innovators and you will get to know how to meet societal/cultural needs through your music.

Go further

After following the RESONO programme, graduates will be able to pursue additional studies or apply for artistic PhD and research programmes & residencies.

Create and collaborate

Collaboration is key at RESONO, which is why monthly online gatherings will take place to keep all RESONO students and staff connected. Different festivals or residencies, hosted by associated partner institutions, are moments for students to showcase their works.

RESONO identifies six core strands that form the foundation of the program’s learning outcomes:

  • Artist in society: collective and context, curator, world/subcultures, socio-cultural initiatives, community, engagement
  • Composition Techniques: arranging, analysis, electro-acoustic composition, electronic music
  • On-stage story telling: Performance Techniques like augmented performance, texts, choreography, embodiment
  • Improvisation
  • Interdisciplinary work with other disciplines such as theatre, dance, media, immersive experiences, and opera
  • Entrepreneurial artist: manager, producer, director


  • Language All courses and exams are in English, including the master thesis.
  • Transport Your materials will be transported by the RESONO consortium between your semester destinations.
  • Insurance The RESONO consortium will provide you with a proposal for an extra insurance if relevant and will cover this expence for RESONO Erasmus mundus scholarship holders.
  • Housing The RESONO consortium will provide support to find housing for RESONO students.
  • VISA The accepted candidate needs to start the VISA procedures as soon as possible. Every partner institution provides support for this administration.

Registration for the entrance exam


Applicants register for the entrance exam via this website.

Entrance exam

Step 1: Document application review by jury members. Required documents:

  1. Idea or concept of the personal project the candidate wishes to realise during the programme.
  2. A portfolio that reflects the level of instrumental or vocal skills, including electronics, supported by relevant documents and video material.
  3. A portfolio that reflects the level of composition/creation and creative identity of the candidate, supported by relevant documents and audio or video material.
  4. A motivational letter explaining the reason for the application.
  5. The preferred “homebase” of the three institutions.


Step 2: Interview and audition

Candidates who make it through the first round will meet online with jury members from the three institutions and at least one external jury member from the professional field. Applicants are expected to complete:

  1. An interview that will test the level of English, give the applicant the chance to pitch their personal project concept and discuss the portfolios from step 1.
  2. An improvisation skills test (more specific info?).
  3. An artistic skills test on the candidates instrument/voice/electronic equipment.

Step 3: Selection

The three institutions select the candidates together and divide them over the 3 mobility tracks, taking into account the preferred mobility track of the candidates. The jury decides in consensus.